Putting the Environment First with Hook & Ladder

Hook & Ladder Winery is a proud partner winery that loves to preserve the county that is its home. This company strives to not only preserve, but to promote the natural environment of Sonoma County. Unlike some vineyards, Hook & Ladder has properties that include an oak woodland. This company does not cut down healthy, mature oak trees, but rather makes them an integral part of the vineyards. The company has also started its own oak tree nursery to provide an in-house source of native oak trees.


To avoid using harmful pest techniques, Hook & Ladder has installed barn owl boxes and raptor perches to promote relationships among the predator and prey animals in the surrounding area. If the winery has to use pesticides, it only uses environmentally safe chemicals, that do not affect any other life forms besides pests. These environmentally conscious techniques allow the vineyards to flourish without harming the land or the ecosystems that the vineyard occupies. 


Hook & Ladder also believes that the most important agricultural resource is water. The vineyard is located near a stream and river and does not allow the vineyard to impose. They also take additional steps to avoid the contamination of the water with soil, sediment, or pesticides.


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