Making a Difference with Equality Vines

Equality Vines is a unique partner that has a mission beyond creating great wine. Although they value delicious, high-quality wines, they also strive to make equality a reality. Equality Vines supports organizations such as The Human Rights Campaign, the GLBT Historical Society, and more. Their founders have shared passions for excellent wine and equal rights.


When you visit and purchase wines from Equality Vines, you are contributing to a larger cause – Equality for All. A percentage of all proceeds from the sales are donated or directed to partners in the ongoing fight. 


Equality Vines has a tasting room located in Guerneville, California for guests to come and visit. They also have a wine club and sell their wines online through their wine shop. Their shop features unique items such as the Rose’ the Riveter wine and Love Wins Sparkling Cuvée.


To read more about Equality Vines and their mission, click here.