Equality Vines

The inspiration for Equality Vines is the late Dr. Marilyn Schultz, a pioneer in the fight for Women’s Equality. Dr. Marilyn Shultz taught her nephew, Equality Vines co-founder Matt Grove, a lasting lesson: Equality is worth the fight.

Dr. Schultz realized that a proverbial “glass ceiling” blocked her career advancement opportunities, and she was determined to shatter it. It was 1971 when she led the class action discrimination suit against NBC and its affiliates that ultimately re-shaped the company and the corporate world. Dr. Schultz was the driving force behind the first class-action lawsuit against NBC and all of its affiliates that called for equality in opportunity and pay for women. The successful verdict in the nearly 6-year fight paved the way for Equal Pay for Women in the workplace.

An activist for women’s rights, “Aunt Marilyn” left a strong legacy. Her example embodies the spirit of Equality Vines. Marilyn Schultz would go on to be a successful reporter and on-air personality before moving to the world of academia. Equality Vines celebrates her tenacity and that of other advocates by bestowing the Dr. Marilyn Shultz Tribute Wine honor upon pioneers for equality. The first recipients of the honor are Jim Obergefell and John Arthur, reluctant activists whose Love inspired the landmark case Obergefell v. Hodges and made Marriage Equality the Law of the Land.

Many advocates stand up for the rights they hold dear. Help the cause by toasting to love with the incredible releases from Equality Vines, and join us in our quest for Equal Rights for All.

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