Holiday Wine Traditions Around the World

In America, it is not uncommon for families to celebrate the holidays with a delicious bottle of wine. Taste Route 116 is proud to partner with a collection of wineries that sell high quality wine for your enjoyment this holiday season. But around the world, different cultures celebrate differently. 

In Germany, hosts will often place a rum-drenched cone on top of a large serving of wine and light the alcohol on fire. The flame will gather guests around and then the visitors will celebrate together. Glühwein is a delicious spiced wine that is also drank in Germany around the holidays. 

In Australia, December is during their summer season. Because of the Australian heat, this culture often celebrates Christmas with refreshing white wine. It is also common for people to enjoy wine popsicles under the sun.

Drinking mulled wine is a tradition all across Europe during the holiday season. This wine is warmed and can even be served in a festive mug to guests. 

Wherever holidays are being celebrated, we hope that everyone is able to gather and celebrate the season together. If you are looking to try a new recipe from another country and want a tasty, high quality wine, you can view our partners and shop their wine stores here