Ringing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is famously known for being a night of fun, parties, and drinking sparkling wine. More than 360 million glasses of sparkling wine are expected to be consumed on New Year’s Eve.

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Other NYE traditions include kissing someone at the stroke of midnight, watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop on television, and traveling to New York City to celebrate from Times Square. 

These traditions are more commonly known. However, there are a few other traditions that are less common. Check out some traditions celebrated by individuals around the world. 

In Spain, some families eat twelve grapes to ring in the New Year. They ear one for each stroke of the bells at midnight. 

In Mexico, a more peculiar tradition is sweeping the house during on December 31. This is supposed to get rid of all the bad energies and negative vibes as a new year begins. 

Some countries, including Chili, Brazil, Italy and more, enjoy a meal centered around lentils. Eating lentils is a supposed way to usher in a prosperous new year.

We hope that everyone has a safe holiday filled with fun and fantastic wine. Happy New Year from Taste Route 116!